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Code of Conduct

Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic and Reproductive Revolutions seek to provide a welcoming and safe environment for our clients, patients, and team members. We understand the emotions that come with concerns for our cherished pets and want to remind you that we are here to help in whatever ways we can.

We will not accept the following behaviors:

  • Offensive or foul language

  • Hostile verbal attacks

  • Angry outbursts

  • Direct or implied threats to our personal safety

  • Aggressive or menacing behavior toward people or pets

  • Destruction of our property

  • Harassment of any kind, including repeated calls or messages

  • Any other objectionable behavior that disrupts our business and disturbs our veterinarians, staff members, clients, and/or their pets.


In the event of problematic behavior, we reserve the right to terminate services for that client. This policy is strictly enforced, and non-compliance will result in corrective measures being taken, which may include being asked to leave the property and the possible involvement of law enforcement if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Please visit our policy page.

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